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How To Change Youtube Banner

youtube banner size

You are in the right place if you are searching for a simple and detailed guide about Youtube Channel Art/Banner, or How To Change Youtube Banner on any device.

without further ado, let’s delve straight into it.


What is a YouTube channel banner?

YouTube Channel Banner is the image that appears on top of a youtube channel, and it depicts what the channel is all about, and what viewers can expect from the channel.

YouTube Banner plays a vital role in the aesthetics of your channel. Hence it should be simple, clean, and easy to read.


What is the YouTube banner size?

The Recommended YouTube Banner Size is 2560 x 1440 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. With this dimension, the Banner will not appear the same on all devices.

The safe area that will display on all devices is the central area which is 1235 x 338 px, hence text and logos should be placed in that area during the making of the Banner.


How do I change my YouTube banner on mobile?

To change your YouTube banner on mobile,

You have to visit YouTube Studio on any browser of your choice.

Once you’re on YouTube Studio, click on customization  >  branding  >  banner image  > change.

This will open a menu for you to choose an image from your Gallery or Files.

Select the image and click on done to complete the process.


How do I change my YouTube banner on PC?

Open YouTube on a desktop and click on your channel icon.


Click on YouTube Studio the drop-down menu to enter the Youtube Studio Mode

Click on customization from the left-down menu.

Click on the Branding Tab from the Channel customization page

From the list of options provided, Navigate to the Banner Image Section and click on the upload button


This will open the file manager window. Navigate to the image you want to set as your Banner image and click on Done Button to set your new Banner.


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In a nutshell,

Youtube banner is a very important role when your channel is making a first impression to a user who clicks on your profile.

This means a lot of time should be taken when making a Youtube banner.

Remember that it should be simple, clean, and easy to read.


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