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How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 On Android

Youtube to mp3

So you have found a Youtube music video of your taste or a lengthy educational/entertaining video which you will want to convert to mp3?

Knowing how to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 On Android saves you a lot of time and data. It also helps you to be more productive.

So how are we going to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 On Android? well, let us get straight into it,

How do I convert YouTube videos to MP3 on my Android?

for this process, we are going to use a website called Y2mate. Y2mate allows you to convert & download videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc. to Mp3, Mp4 in HD quality. Y2mate supports downloading all video formats such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc.

Steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 1. Copy the video you want to download URL.

Step 2. Head to Y2Mate Website and paste the video’s URL in the search bar.

Step 3. After the URL has finish loading up in Y2mate, click on the mp3 tab.

Step 4. Click on download to download your Mp3 file.

y2mate download

In conclusionYou can Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 On Android by using Y2mate. First, paste the link in the search bar of Y2mate. Wait for it to finish loading. Click on download from the loaded menu. 


Is converting YouTube to MP3 illegal?

Converting Youtube videos to Mp3 is not illegal as long as you do it for personal use only. But using copyrighted music for commercial use is against the law of copyright.

Are YouTube downloaders legal?

If you read the terms of service, technically you need permission to download youtube videos, so you are likely violating the terms of service. But they haven’t been any punishment for those who downloaded youtube videos.

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