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How To Get Audible For Free (3 Working Ways)


Do you want to get audible for free to listen to audiobooks but you have to pay first?

Not everyone has got enough money to purchase Audible membership,

Or maybe you want to save money and avoid online membership purchases.

If these points explain your current situation then this Guide is like your soulmate, because it is meant for you.

Besides, why spend money on something when you can get it for free!


What is Audible?

Audible is an online audiobook and Podcast service from Amazon. It has a very large of audiobooks and podcasts which you will probably find your favorite.

Users can stream the audiobooks and podcasts online or download them for offline use.


Audible Pricing and MemberShip Plans

Audible offers two plans which are, Audible plus; which cost $7.95 per month. And Audible premium Plus which also costs $14.95 per month.

The first-month Subscription is free for both plans.

With the Audible premium Plus, you get everything the Audible Plus has to offer and also get 1 title per month from an extended selection of Bestsellers and New Releases.



Method 1: Audible Free Listens

Audible offers a good amount of Audiobooks and podcasts for users. You can listen to them for free or you can download them for free for offline use.

To get access to this offer, you are required to sign up for an Audible or Amazon account first

After that on your browser, Go to Audible Free Listens, or if you have the Audible app search for “Free Audiobook” in the search bar

From this page, you will be offered a lot of audiobooks and podcasts which you can stream for free of charge.

Select your preferred audiobooks or podcasts and click on it

Click on the Buy for $0.00 button to get the audiobook free of charge.

Voila! you have got yourself a free audiobook to listen to.


Method 2: Audible 30 days Free Premium

Audible offers a free 30 days trial of premium to new users. This means you won’t be charged for using Audible premium for 30 days.

You will get two credits for this offer to use to redeem any audiobook of your choice for free.

It is risk-free since you can cancel the subscription at the end of the trial to avoid any recurring charges after the first 30 days.


To get access to this offer,

Visit the Audible site or Open the app, and sign up if you don’t have an account created already.

After signing into your Audible account, click the “Try Audible Premium Plus for $0.oo” button to start the free trial.

And then you will be directed to the Cart page. Provide the forms with your credit card information and place the order.

NOTE: You won’t be charged if you stop the trial before it 30 days.


Method 3: Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members can also get free eBooks and also get access to some Audible free audiobooks in the Prime Reading section. Prime Reading includes a selection of more than 2,500 books and magazines and has 450+ Audiobooks to choose from.

To start listening to free audiobooks on Prime Reading,

Log in to your Amazon Prime account. Then navigate to the Amazon Prime Reading page. Here you can find a lot of ebooks and audiobooks to listen to.

Click on your preferred choice and click on the Read and Listen for Free button. to start listening for free.


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To Conclude,

these are the three working ways to Get Audible For Free. All these methods are legit and more safer to do.

let us know in the comment section which one worked for you. Or you can drop your suggestions too.

Have a great day!


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